New York Times article [March 2014]
Surfacing: Shops and sweets in Portland, Oregon's West End

Architect article [January 2014]
A roundup of the best new tech for architects from CES 2014

Gizmodo article [January 2014]
Preservation battle: can Portland fix a building that pretty much everyone despises?

YLiving article [January 2014]
Charles and Ray Eames: A retrospctive

YLiving article [January 2014]
An introduction to Scandinavian design

Architect article [December 2013]
In the InterBIM: weighing the pros and cons of three popular BIM apps

Contract Design article [December 2013]
Filling with color and light: Seattle Kids Dentistry

Architect article [November 2013]
Made in the USA

Oregon Business article [November 2013]
Tom Cody: development outside the box

New York Times article [October 2013]
Putting their stamp on it

Architect article [October 2013]
Active and alive: kinetic products that respond to ever-changing conditions

Oregon Business article [September 2013]
Oregon land use law turns 40

Eco-Structure article [July 2013]
Continuous study: Harvard University's operations team continues to learn from - and improve upon - its own building

Architect article [August 2013]
Rethink biomimicry

Architect article [July 2013]
Design it yourself: architects turned industrial designers' portfolio of buildings and objects

Architect article [June 2013]
Design hospitality: products that make hospital environments more welcoming

Eco-Structure article [May 2013]
355 11th Street: A past COTE Top Ten Green Project outperforms expectations

Architect article [May 2013]
Today's products for renovating yesterday's buildings

Oregon Arts Watch article [April 2013]
On the long road with filmmaker Vanessa Renwick

Architect article [April 2013]
In the spotlight: LED wallwashers

Eco-Structure article [March 2013]
Earned interest: Behnisch Architekten's Norddeutsche Landesbank

Architect article [March 2013]
Four architects pick their favorite new-old cladding products

Stadia article [December 2012]
Vibrant vision: redeveloping Ottowa's Lasdowne Park

Eco-Structure article [December 2012]
The envelope, please: Macalester College's Institute for Global Citizenship

Architect article [December 2012]
Virtually safe: designing mission-critical facilities

Architect article [December 2012]
Traditional brick makes a renaissance

Oregon Home article [November 2012]
Without borders: the Interchange residence

Eco-Structure aricle article [October 2012]
High Expectations: LEED certification was just one requirement for the US Green Building Counci's headquarters

Architect article [October 2012]
To 3D or Not to 3D

Stadia article [December 2012]
Brand Brooklyn: the Barclays Center and a blossoming New York borough

Oregon Arts Watch article [September 2012]
A Fountain of passion: collector Jordan Schnitzer discusses Ellsworth Kelly and a half-century of suppporting art in Portland

Architect article [September 2012]
Design Demographics: understanding differences in generational values can inform office design

Architect article [September 2012]
Face to Facade: architects choose their favorite cladding

Film screening [August 25, 2012]
Brian's short film "Tianjin Highway" is playing in the Peripheral Produce 15-year anniversary show at the Hollywood Theatre

Eco-Structure article [August 2012]
Building It Forward: Heifer International's Murphy Keller Education Center

Architect article [August 2012]
Building App-titude: apps allow designers to work in ways previously unimaginable

Oregon Arts Watch article [August 20, 2012]
Peripheral Produce: Local Cut

Stadia article [July 2012]
Close to the action: Houston's BBVA Compass Stadium

Oregonian op-ed [July 3, 2012]
Portland's Memorial Coliseum plan shouldn't stall permanently

Architect article [July 2012]
Managing Expectations: building management systems bring us one step closer to dummy-proofing your clients' lives -- if we can design and program them correctly

Architect article [June 2012]
Beyond PowerPoint: designers explore ways to make presentations that are memorable and successful

Eco-Structure article [June 2012]
Quick Study in Efficiency: Manassas Park Elementary

Oregon Arts Watch article [May 2012]
Jon Raymond: Reinvention in the Northwest

Architect article [May 2012]
Power Players: four designers discuss emerging photovoltaic technologies

Architect article [April 2012]
Under the Hood: software, design and BIM

Eco-Structure article [April 2012]
Embracing History: The Natural History Museum of Utah

Architect article [March 2012]
Talking Heads: designers discuss teleconferencing and communicatio tools

Architect article [February 2012]
Training Day: three leaders in design-software training discuss architecture's changing relationships with tools

Eco-Structure article [February 2012]
Good Neighbor: revisiting Seattle's Ballard Branch Library

Film screening [February 23, 2012]
Brian's short film "Entering The Atmosphere" is playing in the Portland International Film Festival program "Short Cuts VI: Made In Oregon"

Architect article [January 2012]
Fab Four: Four designers see digital fabricaion as a process that could affect the way we make everything

Architect article [January 2012]
Mirror Ball: the metallic finish on the Oregon Ducks' football helmets

Architect article [December 2011]
Let There Be Light: Engineers discuss the lighting-control systems that enable their clients and users to focus on diffrent aspects of experiencing a building.

Luxury Home Quarterly article [December 2011]
In A Golden State: the Cypress House in Pebble Beach

Portland Monthly article [November 2011]
Long Gone Blonde: Mayo Methot - once Portland's most celebrated silver-screen bad girl and wife of Humphrey Bogart

Film screening [October 4, 2011]
A collection of Brian's short films is playing as part of the American Institute of Architects' Architecture + Design Festival

Oregon Arts Watch article [September 26, 2011]
James Franco, Gus Van Sant and re-cutting "My Own Private Idaho"

Architect article [October, 2011]
Package Deals: Four designers talk about the rendering plug-ins and programs they employ

Architect article [September, 2011]
Dashboard confessional: three views on monitoring systems and the promise they hold for design

Atlantic Cities article [September 26, 2011]
Portland commits to the world's greenest office building

Oregon Home article [September, 2011]
High-rise renewal: designer-builder Fritz Junker's Portland Plaza condo

Luxury Homes Canada article [Fall, 2011]
Born from sculpture and Saskatchewan prairies: Toronto's Paul Raff Studio

Luxury Homes Canada article [Fall, 2011]
Montreal firm Y2: design as transformative tool for reinventing space

Design Bureau article [August, 2011]
Fill in the Blank: New York architect Steven Yablon

Architect article [July, 2011]
Eco-logical: three designers discuss the environmental codes that most affect their work

Stadia article [July, 2011]
Two competing stadium proposals are at the heart of a push to bring NFL action back to Los Angeles

City Club of Portland lecture [July 27, 2011]
Brian will present a talk called "Why Memorial Coliseum Matters"

Metropolis article [June, 2011]
Compact comfort: Ziba's JumpSeat elegantly bridges a design gap between folding chairs and theater seats

Architect article [June, 2011]
BIM, Bam, Boom: new software tools give designers a range of scientific data to make decisions on materials and form in rapid speed

Art lecture [May 12, 2011]
Brian will discuss "The Forest at Fountainbleu", a painting by Virgile Narcisse de la Pena, with a happy hour to follow

Design Bureau article [April, 2011]
Three sustainable schools in Portland, Bloomington and Philadelphia

Business Journal op-ed [March, 2011]
Ugly bridge design has negative impact

Architect article [March, 2011]
Interactive learning: an architecture studio on steroids at the University of Oklahoma

BetterBricks article [March, 2011]
The Empire State Strikes Back: Q&A with Dana Schneider

Design Bureau article [March, 2011]
Light, Place and Time: architect David Coleman's Zigzag house

Oregon Home article [February, 2011]
Designer Corey Martin's light filled urban duplex

Portland Monthly article [February, 2011]
Manila Mata Hari: In the occupied Pacific, a now-forgotten Portland nightclub singer turned herself into one of World War II's most celebrated spies

Design Bureau article [Febuary, 2011]
Rock 'n' Roll Refuge: Alterstudio's Bouldin Residence in Austin

Architect article [February, 2011]
Tim DuRoche on the Value of Architecture Centers

Architect article [January, 2011]
Tools for the Wired Designer: Three designers, three essentials

Design Bureau article [January, 2011]
Front, Inc.'s Louis Vuitton Ion in Singapore

Design Bureau article [January, 2011]
The Sliding Kitchen by Brooklyn's Workstead

Sierra article [December, 2010]
Retreat in the trees: Brian White's Puget Sound Treehouse

BetterBricks article [December, 2010]
Q&A: German architect and critic Ulf Meyer

Oregon Business article [December, 2010]
Hering tackles a tough commercial market

Architecture Week article [November 11, 2010]
Portland AIA Awards

Architect article [November 9, 2010] asks, Why shouldn't your social network include your office building?

Film screening [November 5, 2010]
Brian's short film Crossings will be exhibited at the Northwest Film & Video Festival at the Portland Art Museum and was named a Judge's Award winner

Bright Lights Film Journal article [August 2010]
Sanshiro Sugata: Kurosawa's Elegy for the Reluctant Kamikaze

Oregonian op-ed [August 10, 2010]
Memorial Coliseum: A Landmark Worth Preserving

Luxe article [Summer 2010]
Behavior Pattern: Nils Finne's Quintessential Northwest Modern Home

Sustainable Industries article [July 2010]
Closing the Gap: The issue of performance gap is a new but huge issue facing the green building industry

Film screening [June 17, 2010]
Brian's new short film collection, "Along the Way," will be exhibited at Grand Detour, 215 SE Morrison (suite 2020) at 7PM

AOL Housing Watch article [June 11, 2010]
Classic Modern in Connecticut: Rotating House for Sale

Architecture Week article [June 9, 2010]
New San Francisco Architecture

AOL Housing Watch article [June 1, 2010]
Are backyard cottages the answer to affordable hosuing?

Film screening [May 27, 2010]
Brian's short film "Pasadena Dreaming" will be ehibited at San Francisco's Artist Television Access Gallery as part of the Odds and Ends screening series

Film screening [April 30, 2010]
Brian's short film "Crossings" will be ehibited at Seattle's NW Film Forum as part of the Odds and Ends screening series

Sustainable Industries article [April 12, 2010]
Blazers try to live up to Rip City's green cred

AOL Rented Spaces article [March 30, 2010]
Cheaper Rents Mean Higher Commute Costs

AOL Housing Watch article [March 23, 2010]
Evaluating the best 'Time Saving Cities'

Oregonian op-ed [March 16, 2010]
The Ducks: Condemn? Yes. Abandon? Never.

Sustainable Industries article [March 5, 2010]
An ESOP fable for Bob's Red Mill

Film festival screening [February 2010]
Brian's film "Seagulls and Waves" has been chosen for the 2010 Portland International Film Festival's program Shorts III: Made in Portland

AOL Housing Watch article [February 22, 2010]
Living Modern Like A Single Man in Los Angeles

BetterBricks article [January 2010]
A conversation with British architect Peter Clegg

Architect's Newspaper article [February 2010]
Game City: A tour of the Vancouver Olympics

Architecture Week article [January 2010]
Pugh + Scarpa: a profile