I am a Portland-based freelance journalist and critic specializing in architecture, visual art and culture, but I also have written extensively in the past about (and continue to dabble in) film, travel, music, business, sprts, news, science and food.

The publications I have contributed to include The New York Times (seven sections), The Atlantic Cities, Premiere, The Christian Science Monitor, The Oregonian, Metropolitan Home, Salon, Metropolis, Dwell, Architectural Record, Portland Monthly, Bloomberg, and Willamette Week, among others. I also write and edit the Portland Architecture weblog.

In 2007, my first book was published, a history of University of Oregon football called Tales From the Oregon Ducks Sideline from Sports Publishing LLC. It was republished in an updated version in 2011. In 2008 my second book was published: The University of Oregon Football Vault, published by Whitman Publshing. It is also a history of Ducks football, but this time around the main focus is a treasure-trove of images. You can read more about the books here.

I enjoy my writing career because I can, however small my contribution, be part of a dialogue about the subjects that interest me. Plus I don't have to wake up to an alarm clock.

Photography and filmmaking are passions of mine, although they are usually more hobby than profession. That said, my photos was exhibited in a solo show at the American Institute of Architects gallery in July of 2003 called "Out of Site" and have been published in The Oregonian, Portland Monthly, Dwell and Metropolis, among others. My films have been exhibited in a 2007 retrospective at the Portland Art Museum's Northwest Film Center called "Travelogues" and have won three Judge's Awards at the NW Filmmakers Festival while also screening in cities like London, Berlin, Seattle and San Francisco. Click on the the 'images' link above to view a selection of pictures and films.

I was raised in a small town about 40 miles south of Portland in Oregon's Willamette Valley called McMinnville, which has since become the heart of Oregon's vibrant wine country and an ever-growing quasi-suburb. I then spent several years living in New York City, where I attended New York University, and Washington, DC where I interned in the US House of Representatives and lived with a punk rock band. I returned to Portland in 1997 and became involved with writing after a stint in the world of nonprofits. I live with my longtime girlfriend Valarie (19 years so far) and our beautiful if obese tabby, Ruthie.

Besides being a big Oregon Ducks fan, other random favorites include: The Beatles, Japan, fettucini with gorgonzola cream sauce (preferably from Nick's Italian Cafe in McMinnville), Haruki Murakami, Democrats, corduroy pants, Dimitri Shostakovich, Herzog & de Meuron, Graham Greene, Michael Mann, the 'Case Study' houses, Werner Herzog, the Pittsburgh Steelers, seared foie gras, Copenhagen, The Clash, Amsterdam, the original 'Star Wars' trilogy and all its surrounding merchandise, Atari 2600 games, the Oregon coast, the New York Yankees, Scandinavian furniture, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, wild boar, 'Iron Chef' (original Japanese version), novels by (our friend) Neil Griffiths, Piet Mondrian, old flip-clock radios, German sheperds, Bill Evans, Janwillem van der Wettering, Arsenal football club, Jean-Pierre Melville, Robert Bingham, Andreas Gursky, Alvar Aalto, old BMWs, Bjork, Cool Whip, 'The Brandenburg Concertos', adidas 'Originals' track suits, Keith Jarrett, Famous Ray's Pizza of Greenwhich Village, Stanley Kubrick, Fugazi, cheap snowglobes, Gerhart Richter, Mies van der Rohe, yellowtail sushi, rail transit, 40s-60s Film Noir, cheeseburgers and the Portland Trailblazers.