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Height and View Corridors: A Simple Plan

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Good Citizens Make Great Architects

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Nearly 80 Years Later, an Architect Rescues a Japanese-Inspired Masterwork Designed by His Father

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Attaining the AIA 2030 Commitment Benchmarks

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Meet the Designers of the Future: Peter Bristol

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SUNY New Paltz's Wooster Hall Is Transformed from Brutalism to Humanism

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Bracing Ourselves

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What Architects Should Know About "Convergence"

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The Goat Blocks: Placemaking over style

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Best Practices: Health Care Plans for Smaller Firms

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Kengo Kuma's Cultural Crossing at the Portland Japanese Garden

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Oregon's Niagara Falls, Revealed

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Workplace Projects: Washington Fruit & Produce Company

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Different kinds of beauty

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The Sacramento Kings' Golden 1 Center Sets a Green Paradigm

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The Future of Portland’s Skyline Is Made of Wood. Yes, Wood.

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Best Practices: Applying Crowdsourcing in Architecture

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Light and Delight

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Ben Waechter: Pedigree and Promise

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Model Home

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Swift Changes

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Amazing Grace: SANAA's River at Grace Farms

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What to Consider Before Making a Monograph

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Five Phenomenal Portland Kitchens

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Show Me The Money: Funding New College Stadiums

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Temple of Doom

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Framing the future

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Q+A: Craig Dykers on Snohetta's Culture of Collaboration

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Making Plans for Niger

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Designing Your Business

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Hacking Charrettes to Improve Collaboration

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Houses and the changing Portland dream

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Designer Profile: Eva Zeisel

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Experiencing the Outdoors Inside the New Minnesota Vikings Stadium

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Design for Age-Friendly Cities

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One Temple's Doom Signals a Battle Over History

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Spurning a Starchitect

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Designer Profile: Harry Bertoia

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Thinking big on Broadway

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The Transcendent Landscape: Hacker's Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

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The Rams' Inglewood Stadium Could Be a Game Changer

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Q&A: Kengo Kuma on His Design Approach

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Surround Sounds: Allied Works' National Music Centre of Canada

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Portland needs to be bold with the Beard Public Market

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In Growing Portland, the Strategy Is Density Over Sprawl

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Designer Profile: Peter Muller-Munk

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Developing a Game Plan for Giving Back

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Product Spec: Improving Insulation

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One For the Books: the University of British Columbia Bookstore

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The Bridge That Bans Cars

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Modernizing a Historic Home in Portland, Ore.

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Developer Ben Kaiser holds his ground

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View From The Top

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Q&A: Peter Busby on Architecture's New Edges

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Forever Young: 7 American stadium renovations

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Living In Concert: This Light-Filled Industrial Renovation Plays Host to Live Music

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Best Practices: Gain Appreciation for Your Work

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Seasonal Palette: A minimalist riverside home warmed with ever-changing views of light and landscape

Photography project [April 2015]
Washington, DC band Beauty Pill's new album, Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are (Butterscotch Records), features Brian's photograph "Alder Garage" as its cover

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Architect Rick Sundberg's contemporary Mercer Island home

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Four designers share their go-to hardware

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Interior Avant-Garde: Osmose Design's bold vision for a Portland cottage

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Connection error: as venues and the game day experience become increasingly digitized thanks to a proliferation of wi-fi networks, is a backlash on the horizon?

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Interiors Awards 2015: Sports - University of Oregon, Hatfield-Dowlin Complex

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Interiors Awards 2015: Historic Restoration - King Street Station

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Midcentury Renewal

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Insulated Wall Systems: new materials and novel connections enhance the performance of conventional envelopes

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Homecoming: Brad Cloepfil and Allied Works are making their mark in Oregon again

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Putting their stamp on it